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A Little About Design Awards

Work done well deserves appreciation.

Individuals or organisations that excel should be recognised for their achievements. Awards are a fantastic way to show someone what they really mean to you. We believe awards and trophies should be something to be truly cherished, something to proudly display on the mantelpiece for decades.

Our dedication to detail and love for everything we produce has earned us the title as the leading award designers in Australia. Add prestige to your ceremony. Our uniquely artisan awards produced by the finest tradespeople this country has to offer mean our awards and trophies are highly sought after both locally and internationally.

Team up with us once, and it becomes a lifelong association. Industry giants in every field from Mercedes and Audi in the automotive industry, Commonwealth Bank in finance, or Johnson & Johnson Pacific in health and beauty, prefer artistically handcrafted and tailor-made awards from Design Awards year after year.

We are still family-run and operated, which means love for what we produce. With manufacturing units in Melbourne and Sydney, we take pride in the fact that every single trophy is designed and created by us with no compromise, and we do not source from locations across the world.

Choose from versatile and stylish Acrylic awards, ever classic metal awards or sophisticated and cost-effective crystal trophies and rest assured, every piece will be a work of art. These customised awards are a class apart from the run-of-the-mill, mass-produced awards available elsewhere; bespoke awards speak volumes about the finesse and artistry of the Design Awards team.

Our custom-made plaques fashioned out of wood, stone, and brass stand out for the shape, colour and exclusive inscriptions. Medallions, the shapely pieces that hang around the necks of the winners, will and should be a matter of pride for the recipients. The plaques and medallions, crafted in different shapes as per the customer’s concept, will remain a valuable and cherished possession of the awardee.

Awards to cherish, moments to remember. Contact the team today.