5 Ways for Bosses to Show Appreciation to Employees

As a boss, you rely on your employees to meet sales targets and maintain business growth. So, it’s of utmost importance that you show appreciation to your employees. However, rather than setting aside one day, acknowledging good work should be a way of life. Employees who feel validated are much more productive and happier in their position. Read on for five simple, yet effective ways to show true appreciation to your employees.

  1. Organise a Regular Social Event – Whether it’s weekly, monthly or biannually, organise a social event for your employees to show you appreciate them. This could be drinks after work, taking your employees out to lunch, or a weekend cocktail party. It will give your employees a chance to socialise with you and their colleagues in a relaxed setting, as well as give them something to look forward to.
  2. Give Extra Responsibility – In the office, no one will despise assuming the capacity of someone who ranks above them. If you are confident in your employees’ ability, give them additional responsibility around the office. If you trust them to take it seriously, you’ll be amazed at what your employees will achieve.
  3. Offer Them a Bonus – Offering a bonus is a fantastic way to show your employees that you value their contribution. There is nothing wrong with a monetary incentive, provided that cash flow is not a problem. However, if this is not possible, aim for end of year bonuses. No one will refuse a surprise, especially if it results in a better pay packet.
  4. Touch Someone’s Heart – For any employee, nothing is more rewarding than a sincere, heartfelt compliment from a confident manager. Many leaders shy away from this, however you’ll be astounded by the difference a few kind words and friendly body language can make. You can show your appreciation with a simple handshake, fist bump, or pat on the back. While you’re at it, make sure you say “thank you” and tell your employee exactly what you appreciate about them.
  5. Recognise Their Achievements with Trophies – Whether it’s at an end of year party or monthly ceremony, ensure you organise a time to reward your employees. A corporate gift (such as a personalised trophy) will not go unappreciated, because it will last a lifetime. Every time the rewarded employee looks at their trophy, they will remember the event and will continue to perform up to the standard that got them recognised in the first place.

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