Award Spotlight: Audi Australia

Award Spotlight: Audi Australia

Last week one of our longest partners, Audi Australia, had their annual awards nights in which some of their most prestigious trophies were given to some lucky employees. We have been making their awards for years and thought it was about time to share our creations.

Award makers Sydney

Finishing touches to the Audi Dealer of the Year Award

The Audi Dealer of the Year award, the most coveted award on the Audi shelf, comprises of three separate rolled aluminium, hand-shaped arcs highly polished and chrome-plated, secured together and sitting on solid brass bases. Standing at around 800mm high with a weight of nearly 5 kilograms, these are impressive statuettes. Audi have three of these in total, the Metro dealer award, the Rural dealer award, and the Major award which dealerships around the country vie for on an annual basis. All of these awards are, of course, hand-crafted with pride and precision right here in our Sydney workshop.

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Audi Australia Dealer Awards

Audi’s prestigious awards do not stop there however. The individual dealership and employee recognition awards are just as eye-catching. Audi Australia Long Service Dealer Awards are elegant sculptures enclosed in their very own box. These awards are especially tricky to make because of the intricacy of each of the components. These custom-cut aluminium awards also have a chrome plated finish atop a piano base with a custom built enclosure for a sophisticated finish. At 230x100mm weighing an astounding 8kg, these are awards to make you look twice.

Sydney awards & trophies

Audi Australia Dealer Awards with Long Service Awards

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