Award Spotlight: The Barangaroo Awards

In the awards world, acrylic as a medium is often kept in the rigid confines of the rectangular prism. This shape gives the beautiful, crystal-clear polymer a distinct, elegant look giving the illusion text and graphics are suspended in mid-air. Often overlooked, however, is acrylic’s ability to be shaped and coloured, which leaves a world of opportunity to create a bit of drama in a little statuette.

This leads me to the 2016 Barangaroo Awards, which were handed out to deserving recipients at a ceremony last week.

2016 Barangaroo Awards

2016 Barangaroo Awards

The inspiration for these custom trophies? One look at you might be able to guess the answer. These custom cut, painted and etched trophies look like fun but were deceptively tricky to make. Custom machine cut acrylic sections and hand painted by our artisan sculpture makers and then finally etched and hand painted again, hours of hard love went into these little beauties. With a range of colours for each of the separate categories, the designs were linked together in a distinctive exclamation mark shape with winners names marked on the side.

Bespoke trophies Melbourne

Barangaroo Awards – custom cut acrylic awards coloured, engraved and colour filled text

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