Charles Penton-Dodds

After leaving school,  Charlie attempted to avoid the lure of family business by following his passion into horticulture and landscape design.  In true  entrepreneurial spirit Charlie opted to set up his own  business.  Working by day and studying by night, Charlie was fortunate enough to work with some of Melbourne’s best known landscape designers.

After 5 years in landscaping and horticulture Charlie was eventually consumed by a desire to travel the world.  And so began a  2.5 year world-wide travel odyssey.  Well that was the original plan.  After 6 months travelling Europe, Charlie arrived in Paris where  the lure of its cafes, markets and architecture saw him spending the next 2 years there.   It was in Paris, working with the well know glass-blower Jeremy Maxwell-Wintrebert that Charlies passion for all things design was re-kindled.

On returning to Australia,  inspired by his Parisian sojourn and with some gentle encouragement from his father, Charles joined DA’s Melbourne operation to work alongside James.   In October 2014, Charles moved to  Sydney where is now the Production Manager.