Creative Ideas for Crystal Awards

Creative Ideas for Crystal Awards

Creative Ideas for a Crystal Award

Crystals have long been considered a premium product that serves a multitude of purposes across the globe. Unlike conventional glass, it has the added advantage of a bright luminance and shine. Crystal awards are a great choice for awarding the achievements of individual, teams, creative and corporate houses. Creative awards are relatively easy on the pocket and have shorter lead-times. Here are some creative ideas that can be translated into these nifty awards:


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Crystal Obelisks and Triangular Shapes

 These are crystal awards with an obelisk and pyramidal structure.  The top of the triangular structure can be adorned with a star, an eagle or a flame. The sharp lines, optical clarity and the symbol of the star, eagle or the flame signifies outstanding achievements and leadership qualities. This is a perfect idea for motivational awards.

Crystal Disc

The crystal disc usually adopts a bevelled edge and a wider space is apt for a personal message or the name of the award. It can also be customised to accommodate an engraving of your choice.  This is multi-functional and can serve both as a trophy, as well as a gift for a special occasion.

Sculptural Elements

 These awards are special as they can be modified to incorporate specific concepts into the design, like teamwork, partnership, victory, innovation and so on.  They can also have elements specific to the industry for which the award is made. For example, a crystal tower award can be used to laud achievements in a real estate or construction company, whereas a crystal airplane can be used to reward people working in the aviation industry.

Crystal Globe Awards

 An optic globe mounted on a hand, a flat base, a column or a sloping plaque are all popular ideas for this approach. Usually, these awards can also be used in a more versatile approach, serving all kinds of purposes. They have a precise finish and make for a memorable award.

The 3D Touch

Cashing on the 3D hysteria, your crystal honor can be customised to have optical crystal, featuring 3D laser engraved images, company branding, and award logos. Wooden bases can also be added to display them as awards. They can also add a contemporary touch and a pinch of class. 

A Dash of Colour

While clear crystal is traditional and used if the award is of a more formal nature, you can also select from blue, black and green options if your awards are celebrating innovation. They can be incorporated into cube, ocean glass, and prism crystal trophies.