Crystal awards can be either 2 dimensional (2D) or 3 dimensional (3D). 2D engraving occurs on the surface of the award. In 3D engraving the image is embedded inside the body of the award. The process to engrave the image inside the crystal is typically referred to as ‘sub-surface engraving’. The net effect is that the object appears to be ‘floating’ inside the crystal block. The 3D image presents a new and unique view from every viewing angle. The custom crystal awards we created for Audi shown here are an example of what a ‘floating image’ looks like.

The engraved image can take virtually any form: an organizational logo or icon, an organic figure, a geometric design, or any other shape that captures the intent of the customization. A single image can be used, or, alternatively, a number of images can be combined to create a unique and striking effect.