How Do I Get An Award Made?

How Do I Get An Award Made?

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Image during the international friendly match between Sydney FC and Chelsea FC at ANZ Stadium on June 2, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Where can I get a trophy made? How do I get a trophy made? How do I make a corporate award? Where do I get glass awards?

We get quite a lot of questions about the process of getting a custom award, trophy, plaque, medal or statuette made, but really, it is very simple. Just give us a call! In saying that, as everything we produce is bespoke, there are a few things to consider when thinking about getting an award made:


Our expert artisan makers have over 20 years experience building custom trophies

  1. Constraints

What is your budget? What is the deadline? What is the quantity required?

  1. Existing Designs

Do you have a design in mind? Do you have any existing trophy or award designs you have previously used? Do you have a brand manual or design guidelines which can help dictate the final product? Do you have a logo or graphic motifs which can be integrated into the design?

  1. Which kind of award are you after?

Awards come in all shapes and sizes. The most cost effective options include recognising employees or club members with plaques, medals or medallions. Climbing up the ladder a little bit, acrylic or crystal awards are an elegant option that are ideal if you need a large quantity produced. Our premium sports trophies can be made from an extensive range of materials to provide club members with a unique award to properly reflect their achievements. Perpetual plaques – or trophies – are likewise a great way to recognise individual achievers over a number of years. Custom trophies and bespoke statuettes are the ultimate in recognition, and you have endless options in terms of material, design, form and size. Our expert artisan sculpture makers can help you precisely realise your vision. Our team can precision construct anything from eye catching trophies screens to sustainable statuettes to decorative screens.

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Design Awards produces all kinds of custom products

If you have any questions one of our friendly experienced team will be happy to guide you through it to make the whole process as easy as possible. Design Awards is Australia’s leading maker of custom awards, trophies, plaques and statuettes. Founded in 1994, we provide the highest quality products for clients of all budgets. Whether it is bespoke trophies, corporate awards, brass plaques or one-of-a-kind sculptures, we have a creative solution for you. Please contact us to find out more, join our mailing list, or follow us on PinterestFacebookInstagram or LinkedIn.