James Penton-Dodds

James’ passion for awards started at a young age. In the early days  Bruce would bring James and Charlie into the  workshop where they spent their time designing billy carts and fashioning toy swords from scrap metal and timber.  As he got older and his manufacturing  skills  improved James started making awards for his mates -‘best jet skier in the world’ and ‘world’s best bowler’ were a few  early prototypes.  It was a perfect environment for a couple of young lads keen to get their hands on some power tools and develop their skills.

After leaving school Bruce encouraged James to broaden his horizons and so  he joined an  international bulk shipping company. After 4 years in operations James decided shipping  wasn’t the career  for him and he  moved to Sydney to join the  Design Awards team and refine his manufacturing skills .  James’ apprenticeship in Sydney  lasted 18 months before deciding to expand the business to Melbourne.