Design Your Own Trophy

Design Your Own Trophy

A good way to recognize a personal or group achievement is by awarding the individual, company or team with a custom trophy. We love bringing client’s visions to life so if you have your own design we would be more than happy to look over your ideas and let you know the best way to manufacture. As qualified designers we also love coming up with new trophy and award designs especially for you to create something special, which is all part of the Design Awards service. When looking to commission a trophy maker, keep these tips in mind to help you ensure you get what you want.

  1. Type of trophy

There are a large variety of custom trophies available. It helps to have an idea of what you are looking for. Do you want a large or small trophy? Should it be made of acrylic, metalcrystal, a plaque or maybe a medallion? Do you want an insert in the base for a logo or other type of artwork?

  1. Artwork

Ask about the file formats in which your design elements must be submitted. Trophy makers generally work with high-resolution photo and artwork files, such as those created in Adobe Photoshop. Most, however, prefer files created in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

If your file is in a different format, we will have to convert it into a correct file or even recreate the artwork using our preferred program.

  1. Cost

The total cost is affected by the amount of trophies and their type. Usually, the more trophies you order, the better per-trophy cost you get. Still, the size, amount of detail required and material used in each trophy will ultimately determine the final cost. Other factors such as engraving, etching and introducing colour may incur extra costs.

  1. Proof

Before your award is put into production you will receive a proof of the trophy in digital format for approval. If the award is very detailed with a lot of intricate tooling or design concepts, a physical sample may be provided, although a nominal fee may be charged to cover costs of the prototype. The proof is your final opportunity to verify that the trophy looks the way you want.

  1. Changes and corrections

Most changes made before anything is engraved or built are typically included in the quoted price because materials are yet to be cut, painted or engraved. Corrections made after seeing a proof, such as to misspelled words or an error made by the company, are also usually included, but changes or additions to the design are not.

  1. Production length

Because it requires more attention and work, a custom trophy takes longer to make.  Ensure that you have agreed on a timeline so that your deadline can be met the, especially if it requires the  outsourcing of  services, such as anodising or polishing, to independent contractors.  On average a trophy takes 2-4 weeks to manufacture depending on the complexity of the design.


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