What can be done with plaques

What can be done with plaques

In this post we will focus on plaques. The different types available, the looks achievable using different types of materials and  the manufacturing process.

Plaques are a popular choice with companies as they can range from a relatively low price point through to larger perpetual plaques which can be used over time to record staff members achievements.

Individual plaques can come in a variety of forms, from acrylic and metal through to wood and glass. The majority of plaques that we produce for corporate clients are A4 in size, but we can produce plaques in any size. Many of the plaques we produce for individuals are either smaller in size, or oval shaped and tend to be commemorative in nature.

Plaques can come as a one off, such as a memorial plaque, a wedding plaque or an opening plaque for a venue or as a series such as sales plaques which recognise people who have achieved different goals.

Larger perpetual plaques or honour boards  generally require more work and involve multi layering using different materials.  Often they require allowing for the addition of photographs or the ability to add numerous name tags over time; such as in the example below

Guinness-Acrylic on select timber. H: 650mm W: 450mm.

Of course, the more materials involved the more complex the manufacturing process becomes. On occasions some elements may need to be tool engraved or hand sculpted. Our talented  craftspeople are able to do this onsite therefore keeping production time to a minimum and allowing us to create a truly bespoke product.