The Making of a Medallion - The Cyril Maloney Medal
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The Making of a Medallion – The Cyril Maloney Medal

Recently we were approached by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) NSW  to manufacture a  prestigious new award – The Cyril Maloney Medal.  The medal, due to be presented at the AHA Excellence Awards on the  24th November is for ‘recognition of service to the AHA‘.   When it comes to manufacturing medallions there is a range of material options.  These include pewter, sterling silver, bronze or brass. As a general guide  bronze/brass is about 70% more than pewter whilst silver is about 50% more again. Bare in mind that for a new medallion you will also be up for set-up and tooling costs –  this includes artwork (interpretation of the photograph),  3D design, preparation of a wax model and manufacture of the silicon moulds.  The good news is that this only has to be done once.

Once you have selected your material its all about the quality of the artwork and we are heavily reliant on  a  suitable photograph.  Sadly, Cyril passed away in 2013.  Striking a suitable pose for a commemorative medal was probably the furthest thing from his mind as such  we are reliant on the best possible ‘portrait’  that the family can provide.

CyrilMaloney3DbustCyril Maloney v3

Fortunately we also have a capable  portrait artist at our disposal. Below you can see an example of the artwork that we were provided and the subsequent 3D relief that we were able to create  as a result.   Needless to say we were pretty happy with the result.