Why choose Design Awards for your next big event?
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Why choose Design Awards for your next big event?

An award ceremony represents the climax of a hard year of work for employees. And for those nominated for an award, the recognition is a great honour which will undoubtedly be etched in their memories forever. Awards are an inspiration to work hard, excel, and receive more awards in the future. When you honour the finest, the award should be the finest. Because of this, companies across Australia trust Design Awards, the most sought after designers in custom-made awards.

From automotive, sports, health and beauty, food and beverages, and banking and finance, we have extensive experience building something unique and creative with a level of craftsmanship far above the rest. Whatever your requirements – acrylic, metal or crystal awards, plaques or medallions – our customers do not look beyond Design Awards. Our family-run shop has manufacturing units in Sydney and Melbourne, and our stringent quality requirements means we produce nothing but the best. Bruce Dodds, our proprietor, is a passionate designer who creates exquisite three dimensional award designs from simple concepts and his team of expert artisans turn these designs into reality.

At Design Awards, you can select from a variety of products like seamless and clear acrylic awards, classic and cost-effective crystal awards or metal awards of specific size and shape. Each of the pieces is tailor-made and handmade, which ensures a level exclusivity. Receiving an impressive plaque or medallion crafted by Design Awards can be the ultimate high for an award winner.

Custom-made bespoke awards are created with finesse to suit whatever your image in the industry and adapted to the significance of your occasion. Irrespective of the material used, every trophy is a work of art that will have a pride of place in the recipient’s home.

Feedback from our clients reaffirm their faith in Design Awards; their quality, quick turnaround time, and uniqueness are some of the many factors that customers tell us they appreciate. The same customers return year-after-year. What could be a better accolade?

Are you ready to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by some of your brilliant employees? Contact Design Awards in Sydney or Melbourne for that exclusive award. If you are not yet in the elite group of companies who are already among the satisfied customers of Design Awards, contact us today and discover the difference.