Awards Types
Award in production

Award Types

Everything we produce at Design Awards is bespoke. We have two fully equipped factories in Melbourne and Sydney catered especially to crafting beautiful trophies and as such are able to offer a large range of award types manufactured from a variety of different materials and for all kinds of industries, from Government to Media & Entertainment and Education to Business. The following list contains common requests but is not exhaustive, and even though everything is custom we do have a dedicated bespoke page for special projects. We also make 3D printed trophies, resin trophies and much more. Contact us today to find out more.


Metal awards are some of the most popular items that we produce. From high-precision CNC machinery to cast statuettes, our expert craftsmen can create something iconic to suit your needs and budget. Aluminium, steel or brass awards have a fantastic weight and tactility which is hard to replicate in other materials, and we offer a huge breadth of finishes to precisely realise your vision.

Cockatoo Island Film Festival-Cast metal, bronze plated on solid chrome base. W: 400mm W: 250mm
Audi Australia-Dealer Awards - Custom cut aluminium with chrome plated finish. Mounted on a piano black base and enclosed in a perspex case. H: 230 mm W: 100mm

Acrylic trophies are both sophisticated and modern. Clear acrylic offers the same optical clarity as glass or crystal with much less chance of breakage. It is also much lighter and portable. Acrylic can be machined and tooled to accommodate a range of sizes and shapes it can also be coloured or left clear depending upon your requirements.

Toyota Dealer of The Year Trophies
Astra Awards. Custom acrylic shape with aluminium plating

Awards and trophies are a fantastic way to recognise high achieving staff and their contribution to your organisation. We specialise in crafting bespoke creations from custom deal toys and tombstones, to perpetual recognition plaques, long service recognition and much more. We custom make everything right here in Australia so you can order with confidence knowing your awards will be of the highest quality.

Mercedes Benz Dealer Awards
Rabobank custom cast walking man

Crystal awards and trophies are a classic in award giving, and the first thing people often think of when planning an award event. Crystal is often a timeless and elegant choice, adding a touch of sophistication to your award ceremony. Our crystal products are the only thing we do not produce in-house, however we have an exclusive supplier custom making our own designs to ensure you have the trademark Design Awards touch.

Premium Melbourne Award Trophies
Ethnic Business Awards-Custom metal with polished finish on solid chrome base with name plate H: 430mm W: 100mm

Using a recycled, salvaged or 100% green award is a great way to demonstrate how your business or club is committed to sustainable practices. Because we custom make everything ourselves using only trusted, top quality suppliers from within Australia you can be certain our manufacturing method is completely environmentally conscious. We only source FSC certified sustainable or salvaged timber and all aluminium and metal is pure and 100% recyclable. See more…

The Google Associate Design Program Sustainable Forma Trophies
Google Impact Challenge Awards Trophies

Plaques are a stylish, flexible option for award giving. We have two fully equipped factories in Sydney and Melbourne capable of crafting the exact plaque you are after, whether this be a traditional wall-mounted brass plaque or a modern acrylic free-standing award. The most popular material for our plaques are made from aluminium, acrylic and brass. All our plaques are able to be wall-hung or free-standing.

FIFA World Cup Plaque-Custom plaque mounted logo, gold plated finish. H: 500mm W: 300mm
The Heritage Block Cast Bronze Plaque

Medallions are a classic recognition option with endless design possibilities: material, shape, ribbon, size, weight, finish, feel. Medallions are a great choice as they have a great metal tactility and weight to them, not to mention are very portable. As both our Melbourne and Sydney workshops are fully equipped, we can customise your medal to meet your design or idea precisely, online or in-person.

Custom sports medallions Brisbane
Spelling Bee Medallion - Custom Medals Sydney
Elite Sports

Epic achievements deserve outstanding awards. Design Awards is Australia’s leader in premium custom sports trophies, medals, plaques and awards. We have been lucky enough to have helped some of the highest level sports recognise achievements with stunning hand-crafted custom sports trophies from bespoke AFL medallions to elite yachting awards, so contact us to celebrate your high achievers with our hand-crafted trophies.

Australian Racehorse of the Year. Custom metal polished finish, black and chrome base. W: 300mm W: 150mm
Yacht trophy sydney

Perpetual Trophies are awards that last over a number of years; a single trophy or plaque in which winner’s names accumulate. Perpetual awards are a fantastic way to promote individual initiative and recognise those high performers within your team or organisation, with a memento to display in your organisation over many years.

Volkswagon-National Dealer of the Year Award. Custom metal with anodised colour finish and mounted logo H: 320mm W: 110mm
SBS - A Tour de France with SBS Challenge. Custom metal , piano black base. Photographic aluminium flag. H: 250mm W: 200mm.
House Collection

Our House Collection is our exclusive range of trophies released by Design Awards, resulting from the culmination of years of expertise designing and crafting awards for some of the most prestigious awards ceremonies. Separate to our bespoke awards, these are awards which have already been pre-manufactured in our workshop in order to reduce turn around times helping to make your event extra unforgettable.