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Epic achievements deserve outstanding awards. Design Awards is Australia’s leader in premium custom sports trophies, medals, plaques and awards. We have been lucky enough to have helped some of the highest level sports recognise achievements with stunning hand-crafted custom sports trophies from bespoke AFL medallions to elite yachting awards, so contact us to celebrate your high achievers with our hand-crafted trophies. Winning a sporting event, whether as an individual or a member of a team, is a significant achievement. But memories can fade, and most people will value a memento of the occasion. Here at Design Awards, we can provide unique, high quality sports trophies that will act as a fitting reminder that the recipient can be proud of. All our trophies are designed and made here in Australia so we can guarantee they’ll provide a memorable award that matches the occasion. Read More

Special Sports Trophies for Special Achievements

You can reward an achievement with a standard, off the shelf trophy but that suggests a lack of thought. Far better to present a unique, high quality trophy that recipients will value, and which will serve to remind them of their achievement for many years to come. Whether for cricket, rugby, football or any other sport, we have a wide variety of sports trophies online so you can find something that’s really suitable. We can provide a trophy for a particular event that is presented to the winner each year, individual trophies that the recipient will keep and value forever, and a host of other trophies that range from large cups to medals and plaques.

If you choose a trophy from our wide range, it can be customised for a particular sport, engraved with club, event and recipient details, or personalised in other ways so it’s truly representative of what you want. Alternatively, we can create a completely unique trophy that incorporates all the design features you want. The beauty and originality of each trophy will make it a regular talking point. It will give the recipient the opportunity to talk about the achievement that earned it and relive the moment for many years to come.

Help with the Design of your Sports Trophy

We realise that designing a sports trophy is difficult for anyone who is not accustomed to the process or the requirements. It can result in too many features being incorporated and the end result not being what was anticipated. When you buy sports trophies online, you’ll benefit from the expert advice of our knowledgeable designers. They’ll take into account your stated needs but will balance these with practicalities so that you end up with a trophy that really works well, has all the features you need and looks great.

Every one of our trophies, whether based on a standard model or if truly unique, will benefit from the quality design, materials and manufacture that are common to all our products. We provide sports trophies to some of the biggest organisations and events in Australia and there’s a reason for that. All our customers know and appreciate the exceptional trophies we supply, all backed up by a comparable customer service, so they come to us time and again because they trust us.

You can achieve the same quality levels because we treat all our customers the same, no matter their size. And by presenting our trophies, you’ll gain loyalty from those who receive them and ensure future success. Design Awards is a team of designers and artisans that specialise in award making across Australia. We can craft trophies and medals to your order, as well as gold football trophies, engraved plaques and engraved trophies. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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Sports trophies custom designed and made in Melbourne and Sydney

We are a small team of crazed designers and expert craftsmen. We source only the highest quality materials from Australian suppliers and create each award right here in our Melbourne or Sydney workshop. We strictly do not sell anything mass produced. The result is beautiful handmade objects with microscopic attention to detail. See for yourself, pop into our showroom or we can send out some samples.



Over 20 years of experience creating beautiful trophies

Design Awards has a proven history of expertise and craftsmanship. Our dedication to quality and heritage is what sets us apart. We’re not a trophy supplier, we’re a trophy maker. We sit at an unrivalled within Australia, check out our testimonials. Each of our artisans are highly trained and qualified, our lives dedicated to crafting awards deserving of their esteemed recipients.



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Get your awards vision underway by getting in touch with our team today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and design the perfect trophies, awards, medallions, award plaques or statuettes for your presentation. Call our Melbourne office on (03) 9555 0171, or our Sydney location on (02) 9439 7144 and our team can answer any questions or queries you may have. Alternatively, fill in our request a quote form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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