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Sustainable Trophies and Awards


Design Awards is one of the world leaders in producing high quality sustainable and awards and trophies. Because of the unique qualities of salvaged & sustainable timber, it makes for stunning, distinctive designs which celebrate the beauty of the natural material. Choosing a future-friendly award with recycled or salvaged materials award is a great way to do good for the world, and demonstrate how your business or club is committed to sustainable practices. Because we custom make everything ourselves using only trusted, top quality suppliers from within Australia you can be certain our manufacturing method is completely environmentally conscious. We only source FSC certified sustainable or salvaged timber and all aluminium and metal is top grade and 100% recyclable. Below is a sample of what we have made in the past so ask us about the options available to you.

Crowdstrike Award Altus Trophies Online
Addicted to Maldives bespoke trophy
Ecotourism Australia Sustainable Plaque
Eco Award Trophies Australia
Volvo Pinnacle of Excellence Peak Awards
National Trust Heritage Awards
Whitsunday Trail Fest Sustainable Queensland Awards
Novartis Switzerland Sustainable Timber Trophies
The ARUP 2021 Sustainable Corporate Awards
APACA Drover Sustainable Awards
Ausco Sustainable Colourful Achievement Award
Workwear Sustainable Trophies
Kenworth Golden Bug Commemorative Award Trophy
Masters Builders Custom Concrete Trophy
Seqwater Sustainable Award Trophies
FIBA Congress Basketball Awards
The Google Associate Design Program Sustainable Forma Trophies
Southern Comfort Southern Showdown Trophy
The Qantas Australian Tourism Awards
Cars Guide Gar of the Year Custom Trophies
Custom eco-friendly trophies designed and manufactured in Melbourne and Sydney

Design Awards craft high-quality bespoke trophy and awards. As everything we produce is designed and made by our expert artisans right here in Australia, you can be sure opting for a sustainable award means there is no compromise in quality, material or design. We use only the finest quality materials sourced from within Australia, with all our aluminium and metal products being 100% recyclable and our timber FSC certified sustainable. We preference salvaged timber and recycled metals to create completely environmentally-conscious awards.



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