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Design Awards is Australia’s leading maker of custom award plaques. We have two fully equipped factories in Sydney and Melbourne capable of crafting the exact plaque you are after, whether this be a traditional wall-mounted brass plaque or a modern acrylic free-standing award. This also means we can be flexible with the materials and manufacturing methods to make the most of your budget. And not to mention, if you do not already have a design, your plaque will be designed by one of our highly qualified designers for free as part of the Design Awards service! Contact us today to get started on your vision. + Read More

Wooden Plaques

Are you searching and scrolling through webpage after webpage looking for a company who will be able to provide you with the best wooden plaques on the market but are finding yourself inundated with too many options, with no idea which company to use? You can stop searching – here at Design Awards we have over twenty years’ experience of designing and creating beautiful awards, trophies, medals, statuettes, medallions and wooden plaques throughout Australia.

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As a company, we began as a small artisan shop and we have strived to retain the same level of quality of workmanship that is inherent to such enterprises. Even though, over the past twenty years, we have grown as a company and gone from strength to strength, we still ensure that all of our chic products are expertly designed and crafted right here in the proud nation of Australia.

Throughout our history and our present modes of practice, we have always believed in the fact that extraordinary events need extraordinary memorabilia, so as we craft the extraordinary, you should grant us the privilege of creating your wooden plaque.

Our History

The original motivation behind our company was centred around the observation that there were lots of meaningful award ceremonies that had meaningless trophies or awards. In short, our founder, the sculptor and designer Bruce Dodds, did not feel that the quality in products like trophies, awards and plaques was up-to-standard. It was for that reason that he began a small, artisan shop that produced well-designed, bespoke, high-end commemorative pieces. The quality of his product led to our company’s continued growth and expansion into other similar markets and we are now one of the most well-established and renowned manufacturers within the industry.

The Purposes of a Wooden Plaque

There are a plethora of different reasons why you might be considering having a wooden plaque created. You may want to use it in remembrance of a loved one, you might want to use it for display around the home, or you might be looking to record a date or time of a significant event in your life. You may also want to commemorate an exceptional event, such as the opening of a new business, building or enterprise, or you might simply want to use it for labelling or decorative purposes. Whatever the need or purpose, we are here to help. All of our wooden plaques are of the highest quality and are expertly designed and produced by one of our esteemed crafters. They are stylish, elegant and tasteful. The fact that they are made from wood gives them a natural edge over other, more formal plaques and we feel that this also gives them a more personalised touch, whilst maintaining a professional and refined aesthetic.

Design Awards is a team of designers and artisans that specialise in award making across Australia. We can craft trophies and medals to your order, as well as sports trophies and engraved trophies. We want to work with you to design and create a plaque that has the lettering, font, pictures, border and timber that suits your specific wants and desires. Please do not delay, get in touch with us today and let us make a plaque that will keep your memories safe for generations.

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Beautiful award plaques to recognise outstanding employees or club members

Our commitment to quality and heritage since our inception in 1994 has put us at an unrivalled position within Australia. Each of our products are made with the highest quality materials sourced from within Australia and everything we make is custom tailored to you. Bespoke from the design to the finishing. Give us a call today.



Custom plaques designed and made in Melbourne and Sydney

Design Awards focuses on producing unique, custom awards and plaques. As such, we strictly do not mass produce any of awards. Our handcrafted awards are designed to be displayed with pride and made by Australian artisans in our Melbourne and Sydney studios.



Plaques made of wood, brass, ID plates and more

It is not just award plaques we make – we have over 20 years experience crafting everything from brass plaques for building openings to ID plates and stone plaques for entrance halls. We create products based on an extensive range of materials such wood, metal, brass, and stone. These materials provide an incredible range of textures and colours, shapes and sizes. Similarly, the engraving can be fully customised either via attached engraved plates or, in some cases, via custom engravings in the plaque material itself.



Contact us today and find out more about our products

Find out more about our range of products by getting in touch with our team. Call our Melbourne office on (03) 9555 0171, or speak to our Sydney location by calling (02) 9439 7144. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the ideal awards to suit your occasion. You can also request a quote by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.