The Siren Awards Are Back for 2016

The Siren Awards Are Back for 2016


The Sirens 2015. Photo credit:

Bespoke trophies are a hard thing to master. They have to capture the essence of a brand and combine it with the prestige of a ceremony to create something iconic and memorable worth treasuring.

Back in 2003 our founder Bruce Dodds was just about to board a 24 hour flight from Sydney to London for his vacation. Just before boarding, Bruce received a request from Commercial Radio Australia to design a bespoke trophy for their inaugural awards. A tumultuous plane ride later, and inspired by the sirens of Greek mythology, Bruce had the design ready.

Every May, Commercial Radio Australia hosts the biggest night in radio advertising. Better known as The Sirens, these are coveted Australia-wide awards which rewards top performers in commercial radio advertising. These awards are the top gong in radio advertising and have received wide media attention since the first ceremony in 2005. Thursday May 12th 2016 is this year’s big day when the top names in radio descend into their night of nights at the Central Pier in Docklands, Melbourne, with winners taking home one of three variations of the Siren herself: bronze, silver or gold.

The three variations of these 320mm high trophies weigh just over one kilogram for the bronze Siren and up to 2.5 kilograms for the gold. Each trophy is hand-made by our expert craftsmen. The silver is constructed from a cast bronze and bright chrome plated, whilst the night’s biggest winners receive the Siren plated in 22 carat gold. Each Siren statuette sits atop a custom highly aluminium flute-style base, which itself rests on a black piano base complete with a custom name plate.

Bloody love ’em.

The Sirens - Custom Award Trophy

The Sirens 2015. Photo credit:

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The Siren Awards-Commercial Radio. Custom metal, gold and silver finish with name plate. H: 280mm W: 80mm

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