The Design Process

The Design Process

Designing an award takes knowledge and skill. To work out what is aesethically pleasing, along with the text and logo requirements of the client ,the best materials to use and budgetary considerations takes expertise and experience. With over 20 years experience Bruce, Charles, James and the team are able to advise and design a truly bespoke award that will impress receipients and leave a lasting impression.

The design process starts with a brief from the client. The design team will then advise on the best materials and methods to use depending on budget and the look and feel that the client is after. Often a meeting is held where on the spot sketches are produced to give the client an idea of what can be produced and the different options available.


Depending on the size and nature of the job, the design team will then come up with a few options for the design which are submitted to the client. Sometimes a prototype is made before production is started. This is more likely to happen for bespoke awards or metal castings to give an idea of what the end product will look like. Once artwork has been agreed and approved production starts.

Production can take many forms depending on the type of award being made for example production of metal awards can include anodising, electroplating and polishing, whilst acrylic and crystal award production can include etching, painting, engraving and sublimating. Production is carried out in our on-site factory by our skilled crafts people who have over 20 years experience.

Depending on the amount of awards required and the material used, the design to manufacture process will take approximately 3-6 weeks with larger orders taking around 8 weeks.